617 Dambusters Code of Conduct

617 Dambusters Code

1. I will bear the name of a Dambuster representing myself and the squad in a manner that is unquestionable in character.
2. I will uphold being a Dambuster with dignity and honor and will bear the name Dambuster with pride.
3. I will conduct myself in a manner that distinguishes the reputation of being a Dambuster.
4. I will follow the Chain-of-Command and execute those orders given by my superior officers.
5. I will be dedicated to the Dambusters and its members.
6. I will learn and become proficient in the skills required of my duty with the Dambusters and will teach others seeking assistance.
7. I will not disparage any Dambuster at any time or promulgate intra-squad criticism.
8. I will not use any game cheats, exploits, or “game-the game”.
9. I will report Allied players using game cheats or exploits.
10. I will aid in thwarting Axis players who are using game cheats or exploits.
11. I will keep confidential matters within the Dambuster community.
12. I will assist other players asking for game help.
13. I will first and foremost, have fun within the game and promote camaraderie within the 617 Dambusters.
14. I will not covet my fellow squadmates sheep. I will remember always, that they are the prize our efforts in game bring us. I will defend them to the death, remembering that they belong to others, and as such I may be summarily executed if caught with my hand in the kitty.

Breaching of the Code will be reviewed by the Dambusters’ Commanding Officers for a determination of disciplinary action. All known factors will be taken into consideration prior to a final determination being made and an appropriate course of action taken up to and possibly including discharge from the 617 Dambusters.

Rules of Engagement

1. At no time shall any member of the 617 Dambusters participate in any of the following activities:
a. Bunker blocking.
b. Clipping.
c. Speed hacking.
d. Anything else that the 617 Dambusters Leadership determines to be a hack/grief/exploit. If you aren’t sure it is okay, then it probably is not.
2. Report any suspicious activity (i.e., spying) by an allied player to the squad leadership. Do not report suspicious activity in public.
3. If you want to play Axis, you must first tell a 617 Dambuster officer prior to playing.


1. You will not post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, racist, and sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws.
2. You acknowledge that all posts made to the forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the administration, moderators, webmaster, or other members of the 617 Dambusters (except for posts by these people) and hence will not be held liable.


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