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*** Welcome New Recruits *** Please Read 
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Post *** Welcome New Recruits *** Please Read
Welcome potential new members! Please read the following post carefully as it will describe the process required for formal admission to the famed 617 Dambusters Squadron.

Step 1: Look for us in-game and join us as a bombardier or bomber/escort pilot on a few bombing missions. If you find you like this sort of flying, ask to be officially recruited by one of our Command or Recruiter Pilots. This will give you in-game squad recruit status and you will gain access to our in-game squad chat channel.

Step 2: If you have not already done so, register for our forums and review this post in its entirety, including the 617 Dambusters Code of Conduct outlined below.

Step 3: Post a short note in our New Recruits forum introducing yourself and stating that you have read and understand the 617 Code of Conduct. This not only allows us to get to know you, but alerts our members to look for you in-game and can help you rank-up, answer any questions you might have, and start training for your new role as a feared 617 Dambuster bomber/escort pilot.

Step 4: The introductory post you made above will start a "probation" period of approximately 30 days. During this probation period, you will have full in-game member status and be able to post in our Squad General Discussion forums. Use this probation time to rank-up, get to know us, and determine if you really like the type of flying that we do. While all of us do play infantry/armor or other persona's from time to time within WWIIOL, the 617 is primarily an RDP bombing squad. We realize that not everyone will enjoy the RDP mission and you may find after a few weeks that you might be happier in a different type of squad. This is OK...that is what the probation period is for. Likewise, the probation period allows us to get to know and fly with our new members and ensure that they are "Dambuster material" and a good fit with our squad.

Step 5: After the probationary period, assuming you still desire to remain a member of the Dambusters and unless your actions have suggested that you would not represent the Dambusters as required in the Code of Conduct, you will be promoted to full member. At that time, you will receive access to the 617 Squad Secure forums and be issued an official 617 Dambusters signature image for use in these and the WWIIOL public forums.

617 Dambuster Code of Conduct

The 617 Dambusters squadron has established itself as one of the most professional and respected squads within the WWIIOL community. As such, our pilots are expected to conduct themselves both in and out of game (ie. public forums) in a manner that reflects well upon themselves and the squad. Specifically:

I. A Dambuster will not use any game cheats, exploits, or hacks to gain an advantage on the battlefield, nor will he/she utilize dishonorable tactics such as clipping or griefing. Furthermore, a Dambuster will aid in stopping or reporting any player, Axis or Allied who is resorting to such activities.

II. A Dambuster will seek to become proficient in the skills required of a bomber and/or escort pilot and will willingly assist others seeking help and assistance in-game. Over time, certain strategies, tactics and techniques have been developed by 617 Squadron to effectively conduct its mission. A Dambuster will consider such techniques and strategies confidential and shall not openly discuss or divulge that information outside the squad.

III. A Dambuster will respect the chain-of-command both within the game (AHC) and the squad. Disagreements may occur, but a Dambuster will not engage in derogatory or disrespectful posts over in-game chat channels or public forums. Any disagreements within the squad will be kept within the squad via Private Message or in the Squad Secure Forums.

IV. A Dambuster will represent him/herself with unquestionable character and will conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the name and reputation of the Dambusters. Respectful disagreements and good natured teasing are perfectly acceptable, however, a Dambuster will not engage in abusive, inflammatory, or "troll" posts in public forums.

V. The Dambusters are a dedicated Allied squad. With the exception of intermission, no squad member may play Axis without first notifying the 617 XO and CO. If a squad member desires to play Axis for a period of time, he/she may be placed on LOA status and will have their Secure Forum access suspended. Upon return to duty with the Allied forces, all permissions and access will be restored.

VI. While remaining dedicated to the Allied cause, a Dambuster will always remember that in the end, WWIIOL is just a game and will seek to have fun within the game while promoting camaraderie within the squad.

The case of any member violating the Code will be reviewed by the Dambusters Commanding Officers. All known factors will be taken into consideration prior to a making a final determination on an appropriate course of action. This may be a simple written or verbal warning, up to and including discharge from the 617 Dambusters.

Thank You for your Interest in the 617 Dambusters

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